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Video Tour of the Chapel 




Want to know what our Chapel is all about? I bet we have more to offer than you would expect! Our Chapel is two stories, with the Sanctuary being on top and the Campus Ministry Center below. Our tour begins just inside the doors on the top floor, heading inside the Sanctuary.

This entire building is relatively new, founded in 1994. The architecture within the Sanctuary is simple but beautiful, and hopefully a glimpse of that beauty is captured in the pictures below:

goingintochapelsmall  thealtarsmall  viewofinsidesmall

Next on the tour is the Campus Ministry Center. By following the stairs to the right of the Sanctuary, you will be led downstairs to a hallway. That hallway is where the Associate Campus Ministers have their offices. Also along that hallway is our Library/Lounge area. There you can check out tons of great books which you can use for learning more about your faith, learning about apologetics, finding information on the Saints and Church teaching, and you can even use them for references for papers! We also call it a lounge because it has a large flat screen TV which is great for movies!

librarylefthandside librarycenter libraryrighthandside
At the end of the hallway mentioned above, you enter a large open room. This is Fr. Bob Cilinski Hall. All of our large group meetings, like Thursday Night Supper for example, meet here. The room can easily hold 150 people, and there are plenty of tables and chairs for everyone to sit at. It is in this area where you can commonly find students studying, reading, or playing games. We have a large game closet and a warm fire place for the winter. This is probably the most used room in the Student Center!
downstairssmall chapel fireplace gameclosetsmallgamecloset2

Cilinski Hall has so much in it, it had to be split up to talk about. On the other side from the fire place, you will find a large projector screen. CCM comes together to watch basketball games, movies, and other big TV events, and we do it on this large screen. The couches from the library can be moved out into the hall for spacious and comfortable seating to watch whatever is on! Oh, and did we mention the pool table and ping pong table down here? That's right, we have them free for students to play any time!

thebigscreensmall ping pong table pooltablesmall

Attached to Cilinski Hall is our kitchen. Here, our students can usually find snacks (both nutritional and not so much!), coffee, tea, and pretty much anything else you would normally find in a kitchen. Do you love to cook but don't have an apartment on campus? Come on over to the Chapel, and as long as no one else was going to use the kitchen, you can cook (assuming you clean up of course!). Also attached to the hall is our FOCUS Team Office. This is where our FOCUS Missionaries get most of their work done. Thanks for taking this brief photo tour! However, seeing it in person is where it's at! For now, check out a student made video tour at the bottom of the page!

kitchensmall studentoffice